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Joseph Fidelis – 2 weeks ago

It was awesome after renovation. One of the best churches that I have visited. But the serenity is lost, since people are very much interested in taking pictures using their cellphones. This should be restricted to certain areas. Not throughout the church. I don't know why cellphones are allowed but not cameras. Let's restrict this to the backside of the church.

arockia samy – a year ago

Too much of Covid19 precautions in place

KJ Joseph – 2 months ago

It's is a good place for worship, but hygienic point of view, it's in very bad condition. No good toilets for the worshippers. Nearby public pay toilets are in terrible condition controlled by rude people. Church has to have exclusive good arrangements for the toilets. A good amount of donations are given by the public worshippers and the church authorities should do that facilities without any hesitation.

Sugir dharaj – in the last week

It's nice to visit this holy place. Well constructed and management maintaining it really good, requesting visitors to follow and sustain it. Don't miss to visit Edward Elliot's Beach, located behind the Church.. Parking facility is there..👍

Nilanjan Sen – a week ago

The new church, located adjacent to the original one at Besant Nagar, is a beautiful church with exquisite Gothic architecture . One needs to climb quite a few steps to enter the church. Parking is available. We did not find much crowd at the time of our visit