4.4 Based on 106 reviews
Sam Ravi – a year ago

English fluency is very poor and teachers doesn't encourage English speaking

Kavitha X-B Jayarani school – 9 months ago

Very good school for learning and extra activities teacher taking care for students speaking in English fluently good I would like teaching and training good I love this school

Sridhanush Sridhanush – 10 months ago

Such a good school

Pranesh – a year ago

This is the school I study. The staffs are so knowledged and they concentrate on all the extra curricular activities too. In simple words, the best school in salem.☺

Karthikeyan Shunmuganantham – 2 years ago

Children are equally engaged in to education and extra co-curricular activities for physical, mental and personal development. Keep up the good work.