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Government school in English and tamil medium kanyakumari zone

Gnana Vajith – a month ago

Good school

Jose – 3 years ago

This is the best government school around this area.

Sutharsan M – 6 years ago

Here is where i learned the A,B,C's and the 1, 2, 3's to make friends and play endless for hours together. I was a good student, early made friends with any classmates and was the teacher's pet too coz I had an "above average" urge to learn things "new", wholeheartedly. I also had lots of questions for the teachers... a period full of warm memories of village life with no knowledge of care for "time. 2005 EMR Batch

Kannan N – 3 years ago

Kottaram government higher secondary school, its one of best school in this surrounding area, Good infrastructure, natural environment, Good teaching faculty, computer lab and library, they give more important to sports and extra curricular activities, the government of tamil nadu gives so many offers for students, free books and stationary items, dresses, chappals, bicycle, midday meal, the best is free laptop for higher education students.