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Music Land (BTS Army) – a year ago

Making Friends “I found it so easy to make new friends, students and teachers both made me feel so glad . I am really happy here and enjoy coming to school every day.” Teachers “The teachers in the school are friendly and the lessons are always interesting and fun.” “My teacher is the best! She is so fun!” I love my teachers cos they cares students just like their kids “The teachers are constantly encouraging me to do my best. It is great knowing that they are there to help reach my full potential.” School Life “The atmosphere in the school is so warm and welcoming. It was great being away from home with all of my friends. We learnt how to be independent, which was cool.” “Btw school has a very friendly atmosphere to it. It has an environment that stimulates people to learn new things. "everyone-knows-everyone” feel. That has never changed throughout my 11 years at school.” School Values my English ability was extremely limited. I found it very difficult to understand what was going on in lessons. However, with English lessons and encouragement from both teachers and other students, I persevered and saw dramatic improvements. I am now really confident with my English ability and have immersed myself into many activities within school because of this.” Lock down learning : The stuffs which I have learnt here is infinite Tqsm teacher's During this time of pandemic many events passed away, mostly online classes drives me crazy even tho that's interesting but I didn't wish to focus " But I do know oru teachers spending lots and lot's of time and energy to make a presentations I feel it

Joseph Carol – a year ago

Canteen token system just lit🔥

Mahes Kumar – 2 years ago

I am studying this school

Remi Gius – a year ago

Worderfull, qualified teachers and education 💗💗💗💗💗

JEBIN . J {JUSTIN} – 2 years ago

Not bad!,but OK!😍😍😍😘😘😘