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Ravi Ranjan – 5 months ago

This place is heaven.i went there all of a sudden.i mean there was no plan to visit because i didn't know about this of my friend told me to visit there and when we started riding bike from rishikesh,the road and scenery is so beautiful.this place is totally untouched.i mean there were no tourists along the route.. only locals people and villages are there.its so natural and can feel the freshness of the nature there .even though it was scary because there were no tourists along the way.the route is bit confusing near the temple..1km before the temple the road is not constructed but it's was fun to ride on that road .there was rocks and river water everywhere.the temple is really beautiful.few local people were there and asked us how you guys reached here ,very few people know about this temple.this is surely a must visit place but tourist should keep the area and roads clean..

Akash Verma – 5 months ago

Its a nice place where i feel peace and Nature of God Shiva

Deepak Saini – 5 months ago

There is a very peaceful atmosphere here, and if you want a thrilling trip then definitely go. Bhagwan Shiva's Best Temple to Pray.

Deepak Saini – 5 months ago

Very Peaceful And Beautiful Place, If to want Best Adventure Trip So Go there.

Sheetal Shahi – 8 months ago

Nice place of garhwal, peaceful place for prayer of lord shiva.