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ASWIN KRISHNA.N β€’XICβ€’ – 4 months ago

Very bad hospital in Alappuzha district there is some nurse with bad behaviour

Prasannan Palpoo – 7 months ago

Primary Health Centre, Purakkad is situated about half a km away from the Highway and connected by narrow but well maintained roads. The wide entrance gate and name board of the PHC itself has a grandeur.The entire compound in front of the building complex is layed with beautiful garden tiles.Shady trees and garden plants are maintained properly. There is satisfactory vehicle parking arrangements. Direction boards and name boards of each and every section are displayed where ever necessary. We are not at all puzzled where to go or what to do. Sufficient seating arrangements are made available in the waiting room, in front of the consulting room, laboratory and vaccination room.We can see various Notice Boards which display everything we want to know. Everywhere it is neat and clean. Medical, para medical, and public health staff - all of the employees are amicable, very co-operative, and not hesitant to answer to the queries of those who visit there. We feel proud of this new face of a government establishment.

Arun Mohan – 10 months ago

Visited here for administering covid vaccine. The center is about 500 meters inside from the NH. It's a small road of 15 feet. So you cannot turn four wheelers in this road. The center is well maintained with friendly staffs.

absolutely yue – 8 months ago

Dr.preethy β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘

Shihymon Antony Lansalant – 12 months ago

Primary Health Center Purakkad is very well systematized, aesthetically built Health Center with various op rooms, pre check area, observation rooms, feeding room, children's park and medicine etc. There are palliative op on Wednesdays, geriatric clinic on Thursdays and adolescent friendly clinic on Saturdays. It is well arranged with information and directions and guidelines on posters and notice boards. Presently it also gives Covid vaccine to health workers.