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Amrutha S – a month ago

Beautiful place. I went there in my childhood. Lots of ancient things are there. Very nice ambience. Well maintained and neat & clean. Must visit this palace. There are many things to know from here. Many unseen things & unheard stories can be heard from guides.

Gokul G – a month ago

Wonderful place and good vibe...despite it is all renovated but still there are some interesting facts that we can roam around. We can see the gajamosha painting,at its core. The structural beauty of the traditional construction. The palace is brilliantly built that we get confused about the entry and the exit. We would just roam from one room to other like every room was in some kind of loop. Also the pond linked to the palace. its a masterpiece. No one should regret visiting the place. Nice and wonderful. Ticket cost 25/- per person and for mobile photography it takes 20/-

SIDHARTH – a week ago

Good heritage spot to vibe with. Evening and morning would be a ideal time to visit. Good collection of old coins. A silent and calm place to spend your time.

Hyder Ali – a month ago

Nice Palace to visit but they have limited collections. Some archaeological artefacts are missing description . If it is maintained properly it will become a better place which gives good understanding of history. One time visit if you have spare time travelling to some place via high way. Garden is well maintained and full of massive trees.

Sunil Kumar – a year ago