3.4 Based on 49 reviews
C T K Marak – 2 years ago

Accessible; as, it can be approached from multiple directions.. Affordable; as, its only a couple of thousand rupees spent per day for rent, power generator, sound system. Useful venue; as its in the centre of the town and a capacity to seat easily a thousand. Lacking proper maintenance. My guess is, low financial grant for maintenance and upkeep. As such, venue lacks good sound system, needs high power generator, and good and running lighting and air circulation system, all being necessary for good ambience and comfortable experience.

Evee in a cup – a year ago

They Need support and help

Surajit Roy – 2 years ago

All small cultural functions are held here, library has a basic collection of books.

ferdinand momin – 2 years ago

Good enough as this indoor hall has been serving to hosts variety of programmes by departments, cultural and rock shows

Jn_Clive – 3 years ago

Its regularly used by the ppl of Tura.. mostly during winter season.. it needs repairment, its in bad condition