3.3 Based on 535 reviews
Gracie Sangma – 4 months ago

What I hate most in nakam bazaar is whosesale shop just opposite to sbi . they attend to selective customers even karmacharis will not look at you if your list is not in cartoons what they call petty one day I was there asking for dozen of noodles which was hanging just above them and owner was sitted on the chair two karmacharis assisting one customers who was holding with long list I was shocked to see their behaviour I even told them I have change to pay but all of them ignored I waited for like more than 5 minutes so I just walk out to the other side. Its better to pay Rs.5 more rather than getting ignored by someone.....four stars for rest of the shop in nakam bazaar.

maru sangma – 2 months ago

This area smell so bad people don't want to cross this area unhygienic

Doma gaming – a month ago

Good for saving account

Mosey sangma – 5 months ago

Need some tidy

Szandor wolf – a month ago

Traffic jam area in tura