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Avi – 2 weeks ago

Nice mall. With multiple shops You can enjoy In food lounge and buy some clothes from factory outlet shop. There is big Bazaar supermarket inside too. You can get stuff in great ☺️ discount. Enjoy the shopping. Another beautiful 😍 thing is there your small kid can take a ride of horse 🐎 and 🏎️ car.

Marty Boy – a year ago

Rave moti is good and a amazing place to shop but staff for rave moti is rude and unprofessional

Vinit Gupta – a year ago

Here you get all the stuff related to clothes garments suits shoes technology means everything and in a minimum amount.

Usha Devi – a month ago

I thing these malls make KANPUR the city it is. If you want basic groceries for your home, or clothes and other necessities, the best place to visit. Apart from it , on the third floor, you can have some fun time eating snacks etc. The movie area is pretty nice as well.

Rajat Gupta – a year ago

Wonderful place