4.4 Based on 242 reviews
Sunny Chakraborty – 2 weeks ago

Well there is nothing special about this school it is among one of the most overrated schools in Malda having only 2-3 experienced teachers and one of the most surprising fact of this school is that the Vice Principal of this school supports the Chemistry teacher who is partial towards only those students who take tuitions from him...This school is one of the worst schools in Malda..I felt like giving 0 star but there was no other option 🤢🤢

Manob Roy – 3 weeks ago

CBSE AFFILIATED HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL .there are very few english medium school in whole Malda district.and this school belongs to these.There are always so many buses parked in the school ground,Special basket ball court present,at the classrooms,students can seat in three lines...that is Desks are arranged in the three parallel lines.Smart white board present...And one thing the staffs of this school are very of very friendly behaviour...i went to this school for Neet Mock test ..and all faculties including gateman's behaviour drew my attention....But it could be better than this.

Did you see my bag? – 5 months ago

The School is alright but the students should be treated equally by the teachers and from a few years the school has degraded drastically and all left is just show off. It can't be called a school tbh rather it's now a business hub and nothing else. Not being disrespectful... Just try to regain the old North point. I really miss it

Sayan Banerjee – 2 months ago

They are not running a school they are running a business The fees is very much

Amitava Das – 5 months ago

I love this school very much . As this is Neat and clean .