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Himangshu Thakuria – 2 months ago

An experience like never before. One would find the pure Village vibe, storeyed Missing house(all made up of bamboo). The hospitality of the stuff is very pleasing.I would like to recommend everyone to stay and experience there..

Subhra Biswas – 2 months ago

One of the famous satras in Majuli. Must visit. It's situated far away from Kamalabari i.e. at backward position. Difficult to reach.

Jones a.d. – a month ago

The most popular satra in majuli, where u can have lunch(boha) with the bhakats, in their tradition, overall lovely atmosphere and a mind blowing environment contrast to the present day life ,as people there still following the tradition from 500-600 years without being affected by the modernization of the society

Video Creation – 5 months ago

Majuli's historic Dakshinpat Satra is one of the most religious and historical places in the Northeast and Assam. Dakshinpat Satra is the second of the four Raj Sattars in Assam. The 356-year-old golden page has introduced The Agura Historical Dakshinpat Satra majuli as well as Assam to the world. The puja archana under the charan of Sri Sri Yadav Rai has kept the heritage of the royal sattva intact.

Arup Bhuyan – a month ago

Nice . The construction of museum should be started as early as possible