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SK Shamim Ali – 2 years ago

The facility proving Free OPD services for common and needy patients. Free Medicines are also given to patients. Laboratory services needs to started for better treatment.

PRANAB SARKAR – 4 years ago

It is situated at Mission Ghat,i.e on the western side or bank of river Mahananda. It is under the English bazar Municipality, in ward no 8. This Urban Primary Health Centre is very important for this place as a large number low income group people live on the bank of river Mahananda.A new initiative was taken after the Municipality election to give the importance and to beautify the Mission Ghat. A high tower lamp post in front of the Health Centre at Mission Ghat is now in under construction. May God bless the man who tried to establish this Urban Primary Health Centre at Mission Ghat.


Kartik Paramanik – 5 months ago

Farha Rahman – 3 months ago