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chandran c – a month ago

Using unfair practices for data collection. They initiate a chat with you with out any invite in Facebook and the very moment you click on the chat ( even if to cancel ) your information like name , phone no, email id will be extracted by them one by one without you having any options. Some one using such desperate measures and un ethical practices for data collection should always be a doubtful candidate for ethics and service. I am sorry to note that there is no provision to respond to your reply. I am not a first time internet user and is quite aware of the process of data collection. How ever in your case every time a question is asked seeking information from your end. even if i click on the chat window even to close or cancel the default information stored in teh form is fed into your chat without really giving me a choice. And it happens only in your chat window . Will you still call this ethical ?

vinu nair – a month ago

I am having a very bad experience with Sobha with this project. I had booked a flat recently where an option was provided to book it without visiting the site with an agreement that the booking could be cancelled within a month after visiting the site. I visited the site and then decided to cancel the booking because of personal reasons. Unfortunately, Sobha has not refunded the booking amount even after 4 months of cancellation. Right now I am exploring legal options to get my. money back. Please be aware of this when you book a flat in this project. Just an update. I called the customer care again as suggested in the, but they are not ready to help at all. The below message from CRM seems to be just to give the impression that they are really interested in resolving the issue!!

Aagi K – a month ago

The project is delayed. Did not have a good experience during booking.

Abdul Vahid – 5 months ago

Are you doing?

Nizwin Karukappadath – a year ago

A peaceful and recreational space in the city.... with waters and neat and well developed pavements with benches facing water to relax in the evenings... snack van for tea and snacks.. open gym too