3.6 Based on 135 reviews
Amar Jyoti – 2 months ago

Balrampur hospital is a good hospital. Balrampur Hospital founded in 1869. It is the oldest, largest and the most reputed govt. hospital of Uttar Pradesh. Recently i visited there, i experienced much better than other hospitals. There is good , neat and clean hall. Balrampur hospital is situated in the heart of Lucknow. This hospital is treating thousands of patients daily. So we can say that it's a very important government hospital of our area, our district and our state.....

Aryan Pal – 2 months ago

It is a better private Hostpital for the treatment. All the doctor and nurse will became familiar as soon as possible. All of them gives us their best treatment

Faisal Khan – 2 weeks ago

OPD and it’s assistance for patients is best, good doctors, clean and habitual surrounding , no huge queues in any departments until it’s comes to bad days e.g ( pandemic) after all it’s sustainable

Popular in Lucknow. Great hospitality and helping staff.

Vikas Singh – 7 months ago

My father was admitted in this hospital for Covid treatment, the staff is fine not rude like other hospital's. This hospital is definitely short on medical equipments and cleanliness. Only good thing is that there is enough oxygen available however there is no proper treatment for other complications.One has to monitor there patient closely.There lab reports have huge discrepancy.Please don't trust the blood/lab reports provided by them. But entry again is not easy. You need proper reference to admit patient here.