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JVIO – 2 months ago

This place is full of real life Mysteries, adventures, and lots and lots of Greens. A whole ecosystem is running perfectly in there. This surger mill has been abandoned for many years and one can find the very old rusted dilapidated industrial stuffs...the giant machines, engines,the iron bridge etc. I made a little exploration video in this Mysterious place. You can check the video on YouTube in "Biscuits Dady" Channel. It's very pathetic to see how a good stuff is suffering and dying by our own mistakes and greediness.

Gopal Sharma – 11 months ago

This mill is not currently in operation. If any one from govt Or onether employees of this mill please Open this mill I can plant sugarcane

Bitu Bora – 3 years ago

Waooo sumu

Mr. Nobody – 4 years ago


Sani Khan – 3 years ago