3.6 Based on 136 reviews
Deepak Kumar – a week ago

City Government Hospital, Day by day condition is improving but then also government need to work upon these hospitals so that common people need not go to private where the private doctors are looting patients. Once i went here when my legs were broken but i had to wait for a doctor then he prescribed x ray but x ray machine wasn't working so i was forced to private hospitals.

Adi Kumar – a month ago

Given 4 stars due to, it's a district government hospital, facilities are quit good, nursing staffs are good in nature, beds are less than required. But the basic and most important thing is that the hospital treated covid patients, for them there is a seperate ward.

Shivam Kumar – 3 months ago

Went for COVID vaccination. Good experience. Nice infrastructure. Not sure about medical facilities.

IMISDO – in the last week

Doctors not on time. Poor work ethics

Mrigendra Shankhar – 4 months ago

Mixed reactions, the place indeed is best when you look at space and facilities but goes worst as govt run. No management no support. Worst infrastructure as rain water is in campus everywhere.