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Bibhuti Mahanta – 2 months ago

Beautiful temple. The temple trust has lots of rules and regulations. Ensure you follow all of them. The temple opens at 7:30 am, there is no need to rush. Ensure you bargain with the shopkeepers if you are buying any thing. The art...the design are worth are not allowed to take any type of camera inside. Ideal time to visit is any month except march.

Ranjan Kumar Panda – 5 months ago

A beautiful place rich with culture, heritage and civilization. Keonjhar is abundant with natural resources and nature's gift. A place where nobody likes to leave. Goddess "Maa Tarini " is living deity of the district. Solvency from every sins can be accrued by worshipping her.

Ram Shankar Sadangi – a month ago

Very nice and beautiful place surrounded by forest. The road condition was very good when i visit the temple @2017. Every person has to visit once. So nice place to be there for one day activity. One of the top and famous pilgrimage place of ODISHA.

Nachiketa Walhekar – 6 months ago

Very spiritual place dedicated to Maa Tarini. She fulfill our wishes if we are devoted to her n visit her atleast once in year. Roads are very good

Santosh Kumar Senapati – a month ago

Due to Covid 19, visitors are less. Visits are on few limitations and restrictions. Below 10 yrs kids and above 60 elder are strictly banned from entry to premises. For you will feel heaven after visit due to less crowd.