4.1 Based on 78 reviews
Roronoa Zoro – 3 weeks ago

Dont let your child suffer in this school. Here teachers are not able to explain things properIy I am ex student so I know how pathetic this school is teachers are also biased towards other students and no outdoor sports facilities ground for only show off if you are a teacher son or daughter you get everything you asked for like batches, captain of the sports team even they don't know how to play how lame and all sorts of things same goes for sports teacher he doesn't know ho to play other games like football, cricket and others sports I am good at sports still not in team hats off to the sports teacher his nickname(mario). Ohh one more thing receptionist her behaviour well it's seems she is uneducated not pooja maam she is good new receptionist i dont know her name. receptionist should be good and conversation and other sorts of stuff. My answer dont get admission here pathetic school.

Farah Parvez – 2 years ago

Good education system, facilities & discipline is also good in the school. Staff n principle & teachers are very polite, friendly n extra care of each students. Every year has better programmes and better results.

Arpit Saxena – a year ago

Its a good school teachers are calm even staff too but stay alert from asiya ma'am and pandey sir they are always angry and can ruin your day anyways facilities are good school has football ground tennis court basketball court badminton court and a cricket ground. Staff behaves nicely School has peace and its not a blacklisted school. If you're willing to get here then go ahead you won't regret

Khushi Sahu – a year ago

I spent 15 years in this school and believe me it's a best student-friendly school..Since your childhood in P.G. to your Inter you may go through many up's and down's ,but this school will support you anyways in every possible way ...Great teachers, staff,sports,and of course studies...Got scholarship 13 years from this school...And no school is good or bad, it depends on the students how they make it...and how's their perspective towards the same...😊😊😊

Nishi Srivastava – 2 years ago

Very very very very very very very very very good school if you are reading this review Iam srijan Srivastava and at the last my favourite teachers are Bharti mam and sushantu sir I love you bothI miss you Raj Kumar academy there teacher and my all friends