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Manu S – 7 months ago

18+ covid vaccination site: CHC Muradnagar ## Update (22 may 2021): New site is 'Champa Devi Primary school', just a kilometer further from this site towards ghaziabad. Please maintain covid appropriate behavior (masking, social distancing) at all times. In case there is crowd, wait for your turn till the crowd thins out. In any case avoid getting close to irresponsible people who make make the queue as if they are there to vote. Don't forget you are going there for vaccine & not to catch Covid.

Nihal Kumar – 3 months ago

Online slot is showing but the staff left before the time at 1:00 PM

Shiv Kumar Singh – 7 months ago

Vaccination is happening nearby this center in a school. Please search for Champa davi primary school for vaccination location.

Kuldeep Singh – 8 months ago

Too much crowdy, no crowd management. People not making distance. Admin helpless.

Kapil Tyagi – 3 years ago

Clean and well maintained, Good Behavior of all the doctors and supporting staff!