2.8 Based on 21 reviews
Anshuman Singh – 6 months ago

It doesn't even deserve one star rating. It's that bad. Corruption and chaos at best. There is no value of online appointment, they will just avoid you and will tell you to come at that time to get token, they will delay everything intently and then if you get token. It doesn't have any value also. The guard let many people enter on their own who came late (maybe they have some relations). Even people having late token numbers are ahead in line. They don't even care about people who are following rules I was about to get jabbed between 11-12. I got jabbed on 4:15 pm after standing for more than 2 hours. ğŸ‘ŽğŸ»ğŸ‘ŽğŸ»

Rahul Kumar – 6 months ago

It's a government health center for basic health services. Currently busy in vaccination drive. Better to consult private doctors for treatment.

Mahip Karki – 5 months ago

There must be a no star review for this kind of places. Mannerless illitratrate staff who doesn't know there is a thing called time. They always hide tha actual vaccine dosage, and a portion of it is only available for common people. You must have any kind of relations with the token giving guy else you will not get any.

Jacob Freeman – 8 months ago

Pathetic service. No COVID complaince.

Kanika Kuchroo – 8 months ago

Very unprofessional and irresponsible staff. They don't follow COVID-19 protocols.