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Jayant Mangal Murti – 10 months ago

Though it is tough but it is the best. From my experiance I would suggest this board. Some peoples are saying it a tough board but in reality it is not, IT IS ONLY FOR HARD WORKING STUDENTS, WHO REALLY WANT TO STUDY..

Sneha Pradhan – 2 months ago

NOT student friendly at all. Putting double pressure on students while KNOWING that they could just take ONE exam at April, 2022. Really? Student friendly? Please, I do not want to be very rude, but what the board does is extremely detrimental to my and many other students mental health. WE are humans too and can't handle constant stress because of the board constantly juggling their decisions. We have not received proper guidance for two years due to having only online classes and just reducing the syllabus DOES NOT HELP. We are normal humans too. There are many things this unreasonable board could've done but look where we are now?

Ankit – 2 months ago

The schools are being opened just to have offline exams.There is no offline classes going to be held . (Then I think we should pay the schools only the exam fee not the class fee as for taking exsm school can open but for taking class school can't open ). we will have classes online and going to have exam offline .(a great decision taken by the board) .

Rishi Gupta – 3 weeks ago

kindly reduce the syllabus for icse class 10 the syllabus is huge please look into it as soon as possible

Rahul – 2 months ago

The worst ever Being a student friendly board they never listen to the students If students said they want online exam the board must listen to them and take exams online only But no They just wanna pressurise the students a lot They are saying that parents are complaining that if exams are online it will be difficult for them to get network connection , but in that case students would not have attended the classes to properly Then without knowing anything how will he go and write offline exam ICSE pls change ur decision and keep exams offline.