4.4 Based on 140 reviews
Flying Bee – 8 months ago

Once upon a time the school delivered quality. But now days the quality it delivers is some where below mediocre. They have sacked most of their good teachers whom they had to pay handsome salaries to decrease their cost and make more profit. So before sending your ward to this institution Note to expect in experienced teachers and high volatility in teaching staff. Balancing on the scale where one side is quality and other side tuition fees. Absolutely Do not recommend. There are better alternatives.

savage messy – 8 months ago

It's really a very good school ! And the facilities of this school are really cool and good !!! I hope this school will get more fame and love !!

Baby Kutum – 10 months ago

The school has a very bad management. We were asking for a teacher's info and they were so irresponsive. It felt as if like they are the only ones (in this whole Tinsukia Town), the only greatest people. I mean schools are places where we go to find teacher for education purpose right and their behaviour was too cruel. It's a school with less character value i guess. I mean if you treat people like that i am sure the teaching would be worse. Because education is not all, personality and character development is above that. learn to be a bit helpful. Schools are places we go to learn, it teaches us our way to the world and if that is how you go on, it wont be long you'll loose all your students too. The campus is small with a small playground. Its also in the middle of the town with all the hustle and bustle. I wouldn't recommend this school at all. The gardens are well maintained, even the buildings are pretty but it didnt give a school vibe at all.

Ishika Paul – a year ago

Probably the best girls school in northeast.. proud to be a Buddian

Ajay Pandit – 11 months ago

Good maintained school