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Anup Patel – a month ago

Hey, Guys believe me or not, i am so so angry, they have took 90k and they have provided me the false information, if you think i am wrong i have proofs to show you guys, please contact me on - Let me tell you my story, I purchased a lifetime membership course before 5 days and when I called your sales team, they were only focused on selling me the product, I informed them about my residence being in New Zealand, and asked them I need a personal coach on phone call and video call, and their salesman said yes yes yes everything will come, but when the product was sold to me it turned out to be quiet different, first thing first, i was not told that the coach will only be talked via (chat messages), so basically I paid 90k for texting, no calling and no video calling, secondly the credit system to see videos, never mentioned anywhere from the information the salesman send me regarding the program, not even mentioned on call. So I requested them to send me refund as soon as possible, because its quiet frustrating how no one from their team is taking it seriously, i have been trying to talk with one of your higher authority member, but they keep spinning me around saying they will call you, and nothing happens, and this is not first time saying this, it was countless times, not to mention your service number is not working at all, tried many times but does not go through. How pathetic for a company like this.

DK Deepak Kapoor – a month ago

Amazing👍😍🤩 Place to Work. One of the Best 👍💯Founder CEO ever worked with. If You are reading this, You must make an effort to join this place. Immediately.

chetali jadhav – 2 weeks ago

Making fun of customer, instead of answering to their query they keep asking irrelevant questions. people do call you because of the Dr. Bindra, so jo aap social platform pe, kindly check your cycle is continue or not.

Anoop Garg – in the last week

Extremely dissatisfied with the service provided by bada business. I have spent 65k to buy the BCP program and they do not have the proper service for their customers. In the starting they gave me wrong value packs and those value packs are also not working.Only we listen Vivek Bindra name in social media then we pay money for on name of Vivek Bindra but later we feel all is but good this only marketing stand to make foolish the people

Naima Sheikh – a month ago

I visited here for interview and my second round was good. But they told me it will be 10 hours shift. And also they will provide only 3 week off in a month, that was very bad and I did not see such a thing in any company, so I told to the HR that I have to think about it becomes here I have to do so many compromise so I need time to think about it but yes I. Definately want to go for third round if I am selected in sec round, and then he told me to wait but don't know what happened they rejected in third round, seriously this company is worest company I have ever visited