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AJAY NEGI – 8 months ago

The vaccine injecting nurses very quick at there work.👏👏 The process of vaccination is quick and fast and ontime certification. Try to visit early(by 8:30am) and get you name in the list as early as possible (Listing is done by a police officer).Timing slots does not matter.Its first come first service basis. But the location needs to be at big open place with proper ventilation. The road is under construction ,so try come visit via a two wheeler.

Surya Pratap Singh – 7 months ago

This is the actual location of UPHC Saraswati colony, the other one on the Google map is a warehouse. The centre is very organized but you won't be vaccinated as per your slot it is more of a First come first serve basis. It's recommended to go in afternoon, as in morning vaccines sometimes arrive late and most of the crowd gathers at that time. Area is not very clean and hygienic. Process of vaccination:- 1. Don't come in a car, and if you do park it outside the gully. 2. When you reach the center approach the policeman sitting inside the centre with register, to write down your name with the serial no. 3. Bring your own water bottle. 4. Try to choose a time which suits you most. 5. When your name is called that'll be around 25-30 mins max. of getting your name in the register. 6. Aadhar and last four digits of your booking reference id will be asked at first counter, then you'll be given a token and in another room you'll get vaccinated. 7. Don't rub the spot. 8. Drink plenty of water.