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SIDARTH SINGH – 3 months ago

Covid Vaccine - UPHC Makanpur (Not recommended) Even with booked slot, which is tough to get, like a lottery and when you get there, staff be like (as they are walking in a park and being bossy) -- 1. vaccine is out of stock 2. vaccination time is till 3:00 pm and other staff said "Kal kabhi bhi ajao, 4:00 baje tak lagti hai" Slots available as per the availability of the vaccine dose and it weird that first they accept the registration and later "vaccine khatam :/".

Tarun Gupta – 7 months ago

This review is specifically for people going for Vaccination. This center is quite small and in middle of a village, so you may have to park you can little away from the center ( but the car can go till the center, it just will be difficult to turn back and may cause some traffic if everyone park infront of the center). As far as the actual Vaccination experience, it took about 2-3 min to get the chit for me and my wife ( no need to carry and physical documents). Guy at counter will ask your name and then the secret code, once verified he will issue u a chit with stamp of the center and the vaccine name and token no. Take it to the next room, 2 nurses are sitting for Vaccination. They first note your aadhar , year of birth, name and take your chit. In next 1 min they inject you the Vaccine. I was in and out of the place in 5 min for both me and my wife. Trick is to go later in the day. My slot was 1-4 and I went there at 3. For such a small center it was very good experience.

gurpreet singh – 8 months ago

This place is so management no social distancing...staff is not aware of slot booking process... Instead of vaccination they are arguing with people who came here after booking slots... and staff is saying.. Govt se baat karo koi slot nahi hota yaha... Better you go somewhere in delhi or any private hospital.....

Deepak Jindal – 3 months ago

shame on govt to allow such people to operate such critical facility.

kk kumar – 8 months ago

It's very worst management. No que at all and no social distancing. Venue is situated in street of village. After vaccination no observation, immediately go to home. If you compare with Delhi facility then it's score will be in minus.