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Vikas Tikmany – a month ago

A big shout out to team NU. The professionalism, commitment, dedication has percolated into system and is become a culture. From the Senior Doctors, emergency crew ICU, Dialysis staff, nursing, janitorial, maintenance you name it and the commitment and humility can be seen all across. Highly recommend NU hospitals for issues related to Kidney and Urology. They are simply superb.

bhaskar gokhale – 7 months ago

The best hospital for kidney care and urology. Doctors are very professional and meticulous when it comes to patient care. Hospital staff is also equally responsive and helpful. In my experience of past 4-5 years with this hospital, I can undoubtedly say that they place patient care much above money making. The attention they give to cleanliness and hygiene is truly commendable. Probably this is the only hospital in this age of money mindedness that responds to patients' follow up reports over a call instead of insisting them to visit again and again, unless genuinely required. My salutes to the hospital, doctors, nurses and staff🙏

Patil a s – 10 months ago

very nice doctors

VARUN KAPOOR – 2 months ago

Very nice hospital for kidney treatment, amazing doctors and their coordination with each other is key to treatment. A well mannered and disciplined staff which makes the hospital experience much much better. All the best to complete team.

M N – 11 months ago

This is no posh, luxurious corporate hospital. Their organization isn't top notch either (just like any other hospital). However the quality of medical care received by my family here was top notch. The nephrologist and his team were very efficient. They have a very direct approach, are honest to the point of being blunt, explained the treatment options available to the patient and didn't sugar coat the situation or order a battery of unnecessary tests. Appreciate their straightforwardness and medical expertise. Helped set right expectations from the beginning and chart a course for long term recovery.