3.5 Based on 168 reviews
Jatin Dhawan, Adv – 2 weeks ago

Please see if vaccine is being properly done. I did not feel as if I was vaccinated. I wanted to see the nurse fill injection and then inject it. Process got over in 3 seconds and quickly syringe thrown in bin. Asked nurse if I was injected as it did not feel like. She did not respond to my satisfaction. please install cctv and do it in supervision of doctor. I am not satisfied I don't feel I was vaccinated..

Saurabh Panchal – a month ago

The place is quite crowdy outside. You really need to suffer to park your vehicle as there is rush to get a place. Inside its clean and tidy. Can't say about the whole staff, but those were decent whom I interacted with. Doctors are not that much good, it clearly shows only the name and fame of hospital doesn't do everything.

parth jain – 4 months ago

Worst staff ever seen.... They told me about the fees which was 1800 but when I visit the hospital they took this a way to treat a patient....and this was not done only with me, they were doing this with every patient... When I asked them that they have told me 1800,they replied the fees is 2200...if u want to consult the doctor then pay 2200 Or you can have called on the call center they told you this fees not us... It's not about Rs400 it's about how they treat the patient... Please change your way of talking with patient... And please clear all the things about the fees.... And be soft spoken

Vinay Singh – a week ago

Parking facility is very poor. For vaccination one isnrequired to wait only 2-3 minutes but billing process is very slow and frsutating.

swapnil shah – a month ago

Complete apathy towards patients, unorganized and rude staff. Appointments don't count for anything and make you wait 5 hours for a fasting CT scan! A sick patient, already hungry, has to wait 5 hours because this hospital cannot be bothered. Horrible horrible horrible!