3.5 Based on 539 reviews
ranjith kumar – 3 months ago

This hospital is meant for money. Fully commercial. Please do not go to this will have very poor hospitality and firstly you need pay money and then the treatment starts.,Else they won't care even if a person is dying in front of them.

Aishwarya Pakkii n Pakki ma – 2 months ago

It had been a very caring and pleasant experience. Doctors and staff are well experienced and happy to help you. This all comes at very genuine costs and the gesture of this hospital towards patients is class!!

rajnish kumar – 3 months ago

I got my vaccination done at Abhyashtha. Very nice and organized. The person who did the vaccination is awesome. I did not even know when he pierced the needle. Good work !

shravya venkatesh – 3 months ago

Excellent service. The incharge, doctors and staffs were simply amazing by giving a lot of care. Well maintained hygienic place. Happy to recommend this hospital to others...!

Rakesh R – 3 months ago

It's an ok hospital... No complaints with treatment, as such... But they practice a lot of shady business tactics to make their hospital seem more busy... For example, if your call their reception, the line always seems busy and it takes 15-30 minutes to connect your call, but if you're actually standing inside, you'll see that the phone isn't constantly ringing... Another thing is that the doctors' appointments cannot be booked over the phone.. They always insist on giving first preference to walk in requests... But the doctors arbitrarily stop accepting patients for the day if they decide they've 'served' enough... The consultation fees is also quite high compared to the level of service.... The only good thing going for this place is its location, which seems to be all you need to choke the competition these days... This hospital is yet another example of 'I'm the one doing you a favour by looking after your health' management style that comes with running healthcare like a business...