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Mruthun Jaya – 2 months ago

Well responsible hospital from jigani covid patients....staff was good workers

Sonjib Mukharjee – 2 months ago

The most dangerous PHC in country. After corona test the nurses are telling people that only if you ard corona positive report will come. If you are negative report will not come means you don't have corona. So everybody in the village is roaming around freely assuming they do not have corona. Because of this large no of cases are coming up under this PHC. This is so fangerous and irresponsible on part of the health official. Many people do not know how to access report on mobile. So as per PHC guideline they do not have corona.

Rajkumar Chandran – 2 months ago

I had my parents Covid Covieshield vaccination done on 5/4/2021. Cowin Appointment booking is required. Hospital is following token based system. Hence, go early around 8.30 am to get the token. Vaccination starts at 10 am and after that it takes 1 hour wait time to come out.

siddhartha behera – 2 months ago

Covid Vaccination is done for 45+. The place was a a bit crowded. Take the token once you arrive at the health center.

Durga Guragai – 2 months ago

Please provide retest for covid patient