3.3 Based on 26 reviews
Nirnay Verma – 3 months ago

Hospital was very crowded in some portions and then mostly vacant as if the crowd was concentrated to just one location. Being a medical facility sanitizer dispenser should be available but that wasn't. However all the medical staff were behind masks and had gloves on. The sample collection process is pretty fast but the data maintenance is inaccurate. The technicians may put down wrong names and incomplete details about symptoms (most of the times bcz of patient load and mistakenly). Needs a lot of governance and proper facilities.

Rahul BornFree – 2 months ago

Liked their management when I visited

Shahid Ansari – 2 months ago

Very good

Ankit Srivastava – 10 months ago

Management is Horrible, no guidance no precautions in such a serious Covid situations.

Nashim Ahmed – 8 months ago

Sample collection time is very small. Staff member are not coordinating and rude. Typical govt. Staff behaviour.