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Umesh Jha – a month ago

I visited here for Covid-19 Vaccination. Will share you my experience below: 1. A official will check your slip (Mobile Phone/ Hard copy) for Site No. at entrance. 2. Then enter Hall where sitting queues are formed for SITE 1, SITE 2, SITE 3, SITE 4 & SITE 5 and you will be given token after verifying your document to reach medical staff. 3. After taking the vaccine you will have to wait mandatorily half an hour before departure to your home.(For your own safety) Pros: * Wheelchair was available free of cost for senior citizens * Clean & green * Well ventilated waiting queues were on clean benches. * 2-wheeler/4-wheeler can be parked outside the school campus. * Washrooms were hygienic. * Staff was friendly * Electric Fans present for waiting queues. * Any timeslot person will be considered eligible ( Appointment date should be same day of your visit) * No crowd inside as only person having online appointment was eligible for entry Cons: * No Temperature 🌡️ check at entrance. * No parking inside school campus. * Bring your own water bottle, Sanitizer with you. * Emergency Vehicles were not present. Note: For age 18+ you have to register before visiting. For age 45+ you need not to register online before visiting. Lunch Timings: 1:15 PM to 2:15 PM

Kunal Bisht – 2 months ago

Great center for Covid 19 Vaccination. CoviShield 🛡️💉

NISHA JHA – 2 months ago

Right location

Vishal Pandit – a year ago


shiva bhardwaj – 2 months ago