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Nithin T. – 4 years ago

You get good service, the doctors are friendly.. but you have to go early and rake token for consultation.. otherwise you will have to wait for a long time to meet doctor as well as to get medicine.

vinod vinu – a year ago

Good facility and service for ex military personnel

Prabhat Kiran – 3 years ago

Kindly stop discriminating among retired officers and retired jawans, as this is illegal vide DHC WPC 5522/2017 and unethical in medical institutions. ECHS staff and (a few) retired officers have to decolonize their brains in order to achieve the level of equality in these medical institutions. Priority given by law , to white card holders (battle injured) and senior citizens above a particular age is understandable and quite welcomed. But the illegal practice of giving prioritized treatment to some sectors is nothing but a sort of cruelty towards other class. I am an OR who faced a similar issue in this institute which compelled me to write this here, Thank you.

s d nair nair – 3 years ago

Everything is fine, except introducing the morning token system for registration purpose. Earlier we can do our online booking, but now a days it was terminated and the patients has to form their queue since 6.00 am in the morning to get their number in priority. Normally it is seen that the first come persons are drawing more tokens than they required and keeping it for their late coming friends and relatives resulting to pushing back the immediate next persons to 20 to 25th positions from 4 or 5. So all friends are requested to stop this practice and also the OIC of this great Institution has to initiate to post a man at that place for the first 10 minutes of the opening time. Remaining all are okey.

Gopakumar K – 3 years ago

An efficient polyclinic with dedicated staff. Positive and helpful attitude of OIC and staff puts patients at ease