3.2 Based on 97 reviews
V G – in the last week

All good, it all depends upon on how well you communicate with the staff. Have a good rapo and synchronisation with the staff and everything will be in order.

VT Rao – 4 months ago

Really horrible management. There is no sense of an appointment or a wait line. You just have to wait hours to get your spot. If you step out for a min that spot is gone. There is no semblance of social distancing anywhere or even the fact that any such system exists. I can understand during normal times but this is not. Seriously disappointing experience. Surely not coming back here anytime soon.

Ekanath Shiggaonkar – 2 weeks ago

I visited this place for testing as per the doctors prescriptions , rates are little bit more and lab is so busy with people came for vaccination covid-19 .Before visiting the place check with rates and mobile 868808680,located near to the famous yediyur lake south end circle, Basavanagudi,Bangalore

darshan kn – 2 months ago

Worst experience. I have given swab for testing 3 days before still not received the report. If you call tenet center Bangalore no one will pick the call and the contact number what you receive in whatsapp is centralized number, they do not have option for redirecting call to Bangalore center. One interesting point here is Bangalore tenet center do not pick the call if Hyderabad center employee calls. Receptionist is worst he just only to take the amount for report. Do not come to this diagnostic center for ambience. Service is worst.

Swati Vaishkiyar – in the last week

I had my worst experience today due to this pathetic lab. I went throught the scan but they were still not aware of scan type, billing and reports even after having prior appointment. I had to leave the report after waiting for 1 and half hours wait. You can not trust such unprofessional medical people.