4.4 Based on 251 reviews
Anindita Deb – a month ago

Dr. Rita Kapoor & her surgical team were absolutely amazing. She is the most knowledgeable, professional,caring & compassionate doctor I have ever met. Thumbs up !!!!

Vani Kapoor – 3 months ago

No respect left for doctors now! Not even for other healthcare workers! I see a lot of people(or just one disgruntled person) are writing fake reviews to defame a medical centre that has been around for more than 30 years and has served it's community extremely well. They have violated Google policies, have been reported and action will be taken against them by Google. The righteous will always prevail. Doctors, healthcare workers including cleaners, nurses, assistants, technicians, drivers, guards all make a hospital work and devote themselves to patients, they should be given respect, and Google respects.

Rajnish Jp – 3 months ago

I would say Mr kapoor is the most humblest of person when it comes to getting any treatment or checkup done. The panel includes a great team of doctors all in one roof. Keep up the good work!

sahil tanwar – a week ago

All over experience was really good , staff work is on mark , take care of patients very well including off their medicines & all equipment , sanitization & cleanliness is way more good than other hospitals

Naqib Yusufi – a week ago

Kapoor Medical Centre I have immense pleasure in appending my beautiful experience as a patient at your esteemed institution under the care of Mr. Ashwini Kapoor & Dr. Neelabh. One of my best experience as international guest. Best wishes to all staff of Kapoor Medical Centre Thanks MD. Naqib Afghanistan ????????