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s vamshi – a month ago

I lost my father because of nursing staff negligence moreover, doctors never ever care about patients. And during counselling they will not say the real situation of patient and they lie to us. It will continue for 10-14 days at-last they will give up on patient and Management is worst ???? money minded people with careless staff. My suggestion don't trust this hospital and don't loose beloved ones. Doing fraud in Medicines every day 15000/- to 18000/- they charge, bed charge 20000/- We don't know if they are giving proper medication to patients or they again sending the medicine to pharmacy.

Sainath Bakki – in the last week

1. Hospital is run in the name of 1 or 2 doctors. No actual panel of doctors. They run the hospital at mercy of these doctors who don't tell the proper timings so patients have to wait hours together. All the doctors are visiting so they don't priortize the patients 2. Management is very stingy. Basic amenities like water, AC/Fans are not present. Proper parking is also not present. 3. Doctor writes a particular medicine the pharmacy gives you different. In my case doctor prescribed Paracetomol SR 1Gm pharmacy was giving Dilo 650. Then I needed to explain what SR here means. 4. The staff is very rude and handle patients very roughly and with a very rude tone as if they treat you for free. 5. They treat covid but you will see no covid protocols being followed. The OT complex is beside Covid ward where you can see staff moving equipment, covid material both used and new without any proper care and isolation. The staff doesn't use PPE kits either. Take atmost care when you visit as you don't know who is infected or not. 6. If you visit in the night it's play area for staff as no management person is available. You can hear them laughing, screaming making fun without any sense of patient privacy and time sense. 7. Hospital major built to squeeze government schemes money allocated to poor with meger facilities to patients. I would have given negative rating. But no option available.

Shiva polepally – 2 weeks ago

Worst Hospital I had Ever Saw, Waited for 4 hours for a appointment of Doctor , No proper Explanation , Neglect Answers by staff , Better to not to visit this Hospital....????????

Fasi Uddin – 3 months ago

Worst Experience the staff here is not properly trained in ICU they are not changing bed sheets of patients my mother joined on Tuesday till they are not give bath to her not maintaining neatness too much mosquitos overall bad experience don't come here charges are high poor people can't afford.

Satla Saikiran – a month ago

Risk in surveying in these hospital. Where worst .