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Adnan PMI – a year ago

Several Patients from the Locality and workplaces (nearby School and government offices) come here for consulting doctor and getting medicines for FREE in the afternoon. The Clinic/Hospital starts giving token in advance around 12 pm and the Doctor arrives at 1.30 pm. Visitors usually stand in queue before 12pm to get the tokens in advance to avoid any quarrels. Around 50-70 patients gets medication in this Clinic/Hospital on a daily basis and around 20-30 patients return without token (who mostly come after work 4 pm or children/teenagers after school hours or senior citizens). Only 1 Doctor attends to the needs of 50-70 patients daily even-though there's provision to accommodate 2 Doctors at a time in the same clinic. There's a Lab and Toilet in the first floor.

rahul govindan – 7 months ago

Great service

Dr Jayaraman Nambiar – a year ago

Great experience

Vipin Sreedhar – a year ago

This Government Primary Health Center is equipped with the best quality and all facilities including laboratory pharmacy.

Anu Anu – a month ago