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Fagun Suchde – 3 weeks ago

Went for my daughter's blood test. Assumed that since it's a children's hospital the staff there would be better equipped to handle it as compared to a regular pathology laboratory. I can safely say that this was the worst day in my daughter's life. What should have been a 15 minute affair went on for almost 2 hours. The hospital's processes are not designed for a parent with a young child in arms. After going to multiple counters finally got to the pathology section. The technician there was not able to draw blood after a couple of attempts. Finally blood was drawn in the most crude fashion with some of it dripping on the floor, some on the doctor's hands before being collected in the test tube. We have had a quick and painless experience in the past in a tier 3 town with minimal medical facilities as compared to this super speciality hospital which is a part of a national chain. If you have an option stay away from here.

Sunil Yadav – 8 months ago

Good service providers

Pri Kapur – a month ago

Clean ....well maintained children's hospital. ...a centre now for Covid vaccination. ..very courteous staff and well managed institution

Poonam Parmar – a month ago

The best hospital for the pediatric group. The hospital is a multispeciality hospital with age group of new born to 18 years & adults with any congenital defects. The service is prompt and good.

Aayesha Shaikh – a month ago

Doctors, nurses, housekeeping all are good but the bad part is in the management. The security doesn't allow a patient relative to sit outside your wards waiting area so the relative have to wait in the ground floor, after all covid test an all if we sit on the ground floor where all the opd patient's come from outside, how are our patient will be save who are admitted in the hospital if the relative get in contact with the opd patients. There is no free food for the patient, there is no resting area for the parents who are waiting for the child's cure more than 3 months, they didn't get enough sleep, no place to sit outside the Ward's waiting area so it's very disappointing.toilets are not clean at all...