3.4 Based on 1500 reviews
Rajesh Rajan – 8 months ago

patient friendly

Bhavzi – 3 months ago

Excellent hospital, very polite and courteous staff. Excellent service. Trustworthy doctors and nurses. Extremely hygienic. Mask is compulsory here and Valved masks are strictly not allowed. This hospital has its own food court, as well as a Starbucks, Subway, and more than 2 Cafe Coffee Day outlets. The waiting area looks like an airport lounge. It's that beautiful. These things help in giving a therapeutic feel to the hospital which definitely helps when a person is stressed or unwell.

Swapnil Kamble – 2 months ago

Doctors, services everything is good. Hospital is so neat and clean, 5 stars to doctors and other staff but the canteen service is not good. Food qualitities really bad and rates are too high I really mean too high. I suggest please don't drink tea and coffee too costly and not good. I complaint several time about quality and rates but no response. If someone from hospital read this review please request you to make the changes. That will be really appreciate. Thank you

De Pravin – 8 months ago

Before Covid, it is a very team oriented company to work. Management strives to correct issues for patients and employees. Team meetings were interesting and filled with challenging projects which were fun. Especially when goals were accomplished. Work place culture was friendly and work ethics was important. Management and employees are cordial and management solves issues when appropriate. The most enjoyable part of the jobs was different projects and meetings to attend. I would attend the "zero harm" meetings which is awareness of harm within the hospital that might come from patient or family, etc. Strategies to combat these issues

Krishna Rao – 3 months ago

Rare combination of world's best doctors and world's worst administration. Doctors are top notch and extremely skilled. The hospital has assimilated the best of the best doctors for every field. Unfortunately the whole experience is hindered by horrible administration. Admission takes hours. The staff talks to you like they are doing you a favour.