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Yogesh s. – 4 weeks ago

Worst experience. Overcharging hospital. Costed Rs.8500 for endoscopy which is of R.1500 actually. Patient with mediclaim were asked to pay more. Very bad , overcharging hospital. At TPA dest daily word fights going on with patient relatives

Neha Dhanwani – a week ago

Super specialist doctors are available here. Friendly atmosphere. co-operating staff. Good experience

Milind Nalawade – 2 months ago

Please read before you decide to admit your patient here 1) The cashless claim is not available for National Insurance, United India, Oriental & New India insurance company 2) The staff at billing desk is slow, arrogant will not work unless you raise your voice too 3) The management is money minded, will charge exorbitantly for the treatment.The response will be rude if you seek breakup of bill 4) Service is good only if you admit your patient at semi private or private room. 5)General ward is worst place to admit your patient, low level of hygiene, worst level of service response 6) Please make sure you have lot patience, money while you decide to admit your patient here. 7) Lastly, the document collection for insurance claim reimbursement is lengthy procedure. They will make you run around different counters, will make you do written applications and pay fees to get the documents. After all this tasks you will have have to wait for another 5-6 days to get documentation of your own treatment!

sanket wagh – a month ago

find some another hospital . Highly un professional staff. I had a bleeding hand . and they want be to fill the form while they asked me to wait till they finish their fruit. and then tell me to go to second floor and then back to first floor . Each one trying to escape work.

Vishwanath B – 3 weeks ago

Vaccination process was extremely smooth. Got vaccinated within 45 mins (including 20 mins of observation time).