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Deepak – 5 months ago

This temple is located in a beautiful location with good hotels around it. For anyone looking for cheap and yet clean and comfortable lodging please contact Shri Krishna residency for hotels. They are quite affordable and up to the mark. You are supposed to bathe in the river. Please do not use shampoo or soap or anything in the water. There are fishes and other Wildlife which get damaged. Please use only the river water for bathing and come out. Bus access to this location is good.

Rajeev Kothamachu – 5 months ago

Ooh God, I love this place. One has to book a good hotel before reaching here. Otherwise there are many people who come to bus and offer room which is part of their home where service and room will not be good but cheaper. Coming to the temple, even though it is in Karnataka they will follow Kerala style tradition. Location and climate is awesome. Prefer not to go in rainy season. Better choose to travel by bus because of road safety..

Suprith hc Gowda – 9 months ago

Temple is opened but no sevaa pooja are happening ????

Sachin Marigoudr – 9 months ago

This place is in working process .......and due to Corona Pepole not visited more

Narayana Reddy – 8 months ago

It's open now after Corona