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Satyam Mehrotra – a month ago

HCG is definitely a very good professionally driven health care centre for cancer patients .Medical professional and staff have sound knowledge and nice caring attitude. Medically I felt it is a very good option in Bangalore and probably in the country. Only some area of improvement I felt is in administrative coordination and parking facility and charges Parking charges for in patients should be made more moderate ( although not a big concern just from the view perspective)

Krishna Kumar – a month ago

Doctors are very good at what they are doing. A little more feedback from doctor would be appreciated. Only problem we faced once was that medication started very late after admission around 3 hrs late. Other than that treatment is very good. Food taste could be improved by a lot.

Rahul Ramanan LR – 2 months ago

Treatment is good - "But administration is worst than a government hospital" Why we prefer private sector hospitals? Why we pay them? - To get a proper time slot, to save our time & We expect better service. This are the core factors we consider when we pay for a service. There are times -Visited HCG hospital by taking appointment and when we reach there, "they said no medicine left" - we wasted our entire day by waiting in the hospital, lose of travel expense, time , energy & effort. "Poor Administration I will not even rate one star"- Even if you prefer government hospital you will get good treatment but you have to wait for long the same now we are waiting in HCG. When we ask them they reply - "There is no exception for you, other patients are also waiting outside, and why you can't wait"? - Once of the worst customer management skills!!! - Have to train the staffs with soft management skills You have to understand - You are actually asking Cancer patience to wait for a day and once medicine get over you will ask them to come tomorrow, again patience doesn't have capacity to getup and fight with you for this nasty behavior. When this is affected to your loved once you will have the same pain- mind it! Pros: 1) Well equipped hospital - They have all the facilities available in the hospital . 2) Good treatment. 3) Rooms are good Cons: 1) Very worst time management and administration: I have ever seen in my life. 2) For scanning you have to wait for one day in the hospital . 3) They don't respect customer's time and they value their time. 4)If you are employed, you will even loose your Job by waiting entire day in this hospital - Those who are not employed can visit this hospital and if you have enough time to spend in the waiting area,

Nidhi 2222Jain – 3 weeks ago

Hospital is amazing... Fantastic infrastructure and very helpful and nice staff. I got my vaccination done here. It was a very smooth process and got completed in such a short period of time that I was surprised. Post vaccination, during the observation period, they took good very care to the extent that it was not required.

Debranjan Chatterjee – 2 months ago

I am happy with the treatment of HCG Hospital. The doctors are very good and listen to the patients. The nursing staffs are very cooperative and caring. Overall feedback is taken from the patients for food, behaviour,yoga therapy and caring for the patients. I am very happy with HCG Hospital treatment.