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Arup Das – 2 months ago

A Government of W.B Head Office contains various diversity of administrative departments with higher level directorates which connects directly to the ministers. This is a 14 storey building consists of three blocks A, B ,C respectively. A little crowded place with huge amount of traffic as expected because of the presence of so many government(state and central both) building(office) here. Actually the traffic level depends upon the timing, in peak hours like 10 a.m -3 p.m the traffic level is too high but during night the traffic level is negligible. This building Placed at river bank of Ganges. One can witness Howrah Bridge from this place or N.S building balcony. The Howrah bridge is very close this place, actually the same Kiran Sankar roy Road whuch passes through this building connects howrah.

Shamba Mukherjee – 6 months ago

Well maintained and awesome designed building. Very secured place. Clean and cozy. You can enjoy evening time with friends here.. Building is with all mordern amenities.

Gautam Hazra – a year ago

It was established in fiftieth decade after independence by Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, MD, DSc, MRCP, FRCS during his Chief Minister of West Bengal from 1948 to until his death on Ist July, 1962. It is a fourteen story Government of West Bengal's Secretariat Building on the bank of the Hooghly river. It was one of the tallest building in Kolkata during the period. It was the first steel frame sky scraper in India. The atmosphere is clean and nice. They're offices of few top government executives ( Office of the Principal Secretaries). There are offices of the Ministers-in-Charge of the Government of West Bengal. There are offices of few Tribunals. Wonderful views of the Hooghly river, Kolkata City and Howrah City are seen from the Building. There's an interesting and important story regarding the "football" which has been placed on the roof of the Building. The name of the football is "Radome". Actually it's a covered of 24 feet diameter disc antenna. It protects the disc antenna from the heat, water, dust and storm. This disc antenna is connected with dropler RADAR of the Alipore Metrological Office. The antenna is always moving at 360 degree angle. It measures density, velocity, height of the clouds and informs the Metrological Office through electromagnetic waves. It was purchased from Germany at the cost of Rupees twenty crores in 2002. It helps us to enlighten when, howlong and the quantity of the rain near by accurately. The machine captures the information where the clouds have been formed hundreds miles away, how the clouds are growing, the speed of the clouds and how much quantity will fall as rain. It is provided the facts or knowledge free from error. Really this is a wonder football in Kolkata.

Rajesh Dasgupta – a year ago

Wb state govt office building on strand road beside river ganges

Shankha Shubhro Chandra – in the last week

Very Nice Working Place ????????