3.9 Based on 42 reviews
tarun rajvanshi – 9 months ago

Vega has got amazing range of personal care appliances as well as beauty accessories. Great quality products come with brand assurance. It’s a brand that has last for years offering best quality product. I had a great experience with this brand. The appliances and all the products are really long lasting and good in quality. I would highly recommend this brand.

Dinesh Sajnani – 6 months ago

Absolutely loved their products. Superb products with great quality!!

Bhudda Ram – 8 months ago

Hello Vega will send one trimmer repairing please do fast thank you form nanadi point 1 Hoskote Bangalore

Saksham Lakhera – 10 months ago

Useless brand, their product doesn't work well. There is always some problem with the product and their service is not available at all. They don't reply to email or pick up the call. I highly recommend not to buy their products at all.

Ankita Vaid – 9 months ago

Great products. Love the hair straighteners.