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Farheen Sk – 2 months ago

Smell- Why I place this at first is because every time you visit your nose can smell right. Due to dumping ground around and other factories the smell is bad around the office Environment- Good environment and no gender discrimination done everybody is treated equally and opportunities to explore in event organizer People- Helpful truly, you have question, you need help, you don't know something go and seek people. If not fully, surely they will guide no matter what Food- the quality of food prepared is okay. I preferred to bring my homemade. You won't find any single food stall around to eat properly surely, people will say DC but no other option

PRASHANT KAFE – 4 months ago

very nice place.the Honeywell garden has he statue of saint dyanshwar maharaj very peaceful environment.

mubeen kaze – 2 months ago

Enjoying my work here

Simson M – 3 months ago

I am enjoying here

Chetan Chaudhari – a month ago

Good work place