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Ajay Kumar – 2 months ago

Place is really amazing, I visited in summer but I enjoyed a lot because there is a big pond, just down to the temple, water was too cold, I will upload a video on my youtube channel regarding my visit , please have a look and plan accordingly. Thanking you

Surya Kant Pandey – 7 months ago

As I have been there Two times in this year So I I can say that this place is more than any body can think of for sure .It is more beautiful than anybody can imagine ,but yes there is some risk here as you will find heavy rocks here and there. You can enjoy with the monkeys there as well with the water falls beauty. And the most important thing that we need to take of these kind of beautiful places which still exists in our district and we should be very much careful about helping to the tourist who comes here from very far to visit and we should keep our name of the areas as high as we expect and it will come only when we will be honest with the visitors here .

Surjeet Singh – 5 months ago

A very good place for tourism and picnic. There is a waterfall and you can take a bath there.

Manish Patel – 9 months ago

Tutula Bhawani (also Tutrahi or Titula Dham) is located nearby Tilauthu and approximately 20 Km south west from Dehri-on-Sone. This is the most beautiful place of Rohtas. From north-west and south-east, these are two large mountains. The two large mountains one from north west and another from south east at converge to create a green valley which stretches to 1 mile

Shubham Saurav – 8 months ago

This place is a hidden gem. It's very unfortunate that it is not been taken care as a major tourist spot but recently authorities has taken some steps for it's development. Must recommend to visit this place if you're around. Serene place with wonderful waterfall and hanging wooden bridge.