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CHHATTHU SAHANI – a month ago

1- Some of the doctors have private clinic. 2- First treatment only for the political and relatives of them. 3- If emergency patient came here, he will definitely die. 4- Careless hospitality. 4- Here is not any value of LIFE. 5- Corruption level on fire ???????????? with limited person. 6- Poor person your value is Zero on here. 7- Not only here but a big SCAM is going on in every hospital. 8-.. 9-.. Many points are depend on you what you faced on here Disappointed ???? from these type of law and order. any type of party can't fix it, because they have indirectly profit from these type of facilities.

ASHISH MAURYA – a month ago

Good treatment of district hospital .and Dr Rajnath vimlesh


District hospital of azamgarh is situated at the near bilariya ki chungi taxi stand and on road side of balrampur road highway. This place is very crowded. Staff management of this hospital are very lazy people.emergncy Patients mostly dead due to hospital management and doctor behaviour.staff of this hospital never taking seriously for any patients, emergency or non emergency both are the same category people for the doctor. Government provide all high-tech facilities to this hospital but no value no caring by staff management. All medicine available for different types of problems for patients. But doctor never give u all medicine only 2..3 medicine give u and suggest u other medicines you take to outside private medicals. Which are involved for commission basis and tie up to each other both private and government doctor.if here poor people come for treatment doctor never be like as normal behaviour because he has not a any reference or power. Mostly people come with reference then he admitted to patients otherwise no value your life or your problem.if u forcely admit your patients here then u will be responsible for your patient.maximum doctor and nurse charged fees amount without any reason. Fully hospital management involved in corruption. Hospital maximum medicine details like, not for sale logo badly roughing and remove old details and add new logo of price details from medicine and goes to hand private medical store for sale .fully corrupt management. During corona covid-19 situation maximum patients here forcely admits only for some earn money. I will never suggest to anyone..plz????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Renu Gautam – 3 weeks ago

Please add only those contact number which u can recv .

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