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AMBALA SAKETH REDDY – 5 months ago

Good time s.govt hospital . regular to govt holiday .daily with low patient

mudassar sharuk – 11 months ago

Blood bank issue.. We have been referred by private hospital..for blood exchange.. they are charging 1050 rs For one unit(one packet) this is not fare.. government should take some measures regarding these.. no one can pay huge amount for 1 unit....

Worst experience, staff members don't even know how to behave with people. Doctor described 5 types of medicine but they give only 1 type and tell us to buy other medicine from outside medical stores. Government is looting money from us as taxes but don't know how to provide services!

Gulf Duniya – 11 months ago

Civil blood bank is charging 1050rs for 1unit this is not good... Pls take some measures.... Wat if a poor person need.. from where he can get blood..

SHIVA KRISHNA – 4 months ago