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Snehal Jadhav – a week ago

Kaneri math is half day trip including garden. If you are local visitors then no need to stay. But if you are coming from for away then better you can stay at kaneri math. There is different charges for different place. Like museum charges is 150 for adults and 5 to 12 years is 70rs. Garden charges is for adults 100 and 5to 12 years is 50. Inside kaneri math there is canteen. Food quality was very good and delicious. If you are going to kolhapur or on the way you can visit this place. This is one of many places in India, which has large potential for best tourist attraction but due to lack of management remain mediocre. Lot of big status but with broken limbs, ticket counter not managed well, no lighting on narration in caves this all make the overall experience a lack luster. The museum experience is divided into three parts. First being our ऋषी परंपरा, second the life of farmers and third the day in a life of village. The statues are lovely, have natural expressions on face. But lot of attention should be given to maintenance of entire property. Ticket amount is no less, Rs. 150 per person for museum only.

Adi Patil – 2 months ago

It's a very beautiful place .15/20 km from Kolhapur city. Its good for a day picnic with young children as well adults (This place is such a delight for all ages. No Terms and Conditions apply) Kaneri Math, Old Shiv temple, A small village , Horror & Mirror Room, the museum is a must-see. They charge very few parking fees, entry fees. The surrounding area is clean and neat. (It depends on you when you visit ) Buses facilities also available. It has an Extraordinary View.Highly recommended.

Vinod Surya – 8 months ago

Must Visit Place

Devyani Balasra – 7 months ago

Excellent experience. 100 rs entry ticket at the kanheri math museum but it's worth the money! The meuseum/math are huge! It takes about 2+ hours hours if you want to see it all. Great experience

Swapnil b – 6 months ago

Great place to spend time with family and loved ones. Scared and religious place . Everyone should visit and seek blessing of lord Shiva and see our rich heritage along with some entertainment and have fun.