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Dinesh Yadav – 2 months ago

The Bodhi tree is there to see nothing else but bricks, can't even say a good park, but the entry fee is 25 rupees. If you are interested in history then go otherwise.

ashwini soni – 2 months ago

Sahet Mahet known for rural settlement in 600 BC to 500AC and more on . Historical place , soothing and calm place ,just aside buddhist temple govern by autonomous body and mainly funded by international community. You will get mental peace.

Sharad Tiwari – 2 months ago

Peaceful and natural place good to spend time and a good place for lovers of historical places

Anil Singh – 6 months ago

Beautifully preserved and a pleasure to visit. Lush green lawns, surrounded by giant trees and well laid out paths. Full credit to ASI for its immaculate preservation and upkeep. A must for anyone interested in Buddha or Buddhism.

vishnu prabhakar tiwari – 6 months ago

Amazing place. Bhagwaan Buddha stay heard more than 20 years. A different feeling to spend time hear.